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  Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca), Peter Greene, Austin Pendleton and Sergio Martinez


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Sissy gets down & dirty with actor/producer Jen Danby LIVE Friday night on The Sissy Gamache Show!

Actor/producer Jen Danby of Sharon Tate In Heaven chats with Sissy about her upcoming company productions this Friday night LIVE 7:30pm EST on MNN Channel 56 TWC Manhattan and on our website

Oct. 2, 2014 - NEW YORK -- Jen Danby: NYC theatre: Sharon Tate in Sharon Tate in Heaven, Maggie the Cat in "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof," directed by Austin Pendleton, with Mississippi Mud Productions, first in two lab productions and then in a new york run fall 2013; jane sparks in mud actors lab vieux carre (dir. Austin pendleton); Blanche Dubois opposite Toshiji Takeshima as  ..more...
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Sissy gets critqued by film critic Carlos Aguilar this Friday night LIVE on The Sissy Gamache Show!

Sissy sits down with busy film critic Carlos Aguilar to discuss his love for film this Friday night LIVE 7:30pm EST on MNN Channel 56 TWC Manhattan and on our website

Oct. 9, 2014 - NEW YORK -- Sissy sits down with acclaimed film critic Carlos Aguilar this Friday night!

Originally from Mexico City, Carlos Aguilar developed an all-consuming passion for storytelling at a young age influenced by American classics and his mother’s love for European cinema. Evidently, film became the obvious answer to his need to translate words into visual artistry. His drive to find his path in this complex world has taken him to pursue endeavors in diverse circles within industry, including producing his own short films, serving as an intern for the distribution company Strand Releasing and the renowned Sundance Institute, and writing for several online publications. In his capacity as a film journalist he has written for important outlets such as Indiewire, SydneysBuzz, Movie Maker, Creative Screenwriting,    ...more...

Sissy chats with the agent of the stars Ed Sommerfeld this Friday night LIVE on The Sissy Show!

Sissy sits down with former agent Ed Sommerfeld to talk about his legendary career and name drop this Friday night LIVE 7:30pm EST on MNN Channel 56 TWC NYC Manhattan and on our website

Oct. 24, 2014 - NEW YORK -- Mr Ed Sommerfeld began his illustrious career booking talent at the legendary Copacabana Club for twenty five years where he had the pleasure of meeting and becoming friendly with some of its famous entertainers such as Milton Berle, Jimmy Durante, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis. Some of the English acts to appear at the Copa were Tom Jones, Engelbert Humperdinck, Petula Clark, and many more.

Another perk Mr Sommerfeld enjoyed about being a theatrical agent/manager was being able to travel. In London, he booked Barry Manilow at Blenheim Palace and Judy Garland at the Talk of the Town. Coincidentally, years later he booked Liza Minelli at the Olympia Theater in Paris and Danny Kaye, Rodney Dangerfield and Alan King on television in London on the Arman Andrews television show, England's version of The Johnny Carson Show.

He also had the honor to go to the White House where a client of his - an impressionist named David Frye ( who did political satire ) entertained President Richard Nixon. Several years later he again went to the White House with another client, Rodney   ...more...