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    ***Coming this Friday, August 15, 2014 - LTC CEO Todd Wharton - LIVE! @ 7:30 PM - Tune in!***

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Some of our previous guests...

  Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca), Peter Greene, Austin Pendleton and Sergio Martinez

It's Sissy Gamache just dropping in. Catch her show Live every Friday at 7:30.

Sissy Gamache: Director/Host/Creator

Alex Del Romero: Associate Producer/Website

Darron Mould: Associate Producer

Charles Casano: Executive Research Consultant

Esteban Gil Giron: Research Analyst

Gloria Mesner: Director/Editor

Dwaine Harris: Music Consultant Coordinator

Adriana Bellotti: Sales Consultant

Jed Jennings: Photography
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Sissy Gamache_Drama Desk Awards Trailer 1 from Gloria Messer

Sissy gets herself into a hot mess with the ladies of HOT MESS this Friday night LIVE!

Sissy chats with the entire cast of the cult hit web series HOT MESS including Amy Kersten, Cheri Paige Fogleman, Julia Granacki, Miranda Childs, Molly Anne Coogan and Yasha Jackson, this Friday night LIVE on The Sissy Gamache Show, 7:30pm EST on MNN Channel 56 TWC Manhattan and on our website,​​

Apr. 8, 2014 - NEW YORK -- The seeds of Hot Mess were planted in 2005 when creator Amy Kersten, who is pretty accident-prone, got herself into a pickle involving a falling TV, her face, some stitches and… finally a settlement. So in 2009 she decided, after paying off all her maxed out credit cards, to use the fruits of that hot mess story to tell more Hot Mess stories! Amy somehow convinced the amazing Director of Photography, Ken Kotowski, to collaborate and film these embarrassing “screw up stories” to share with the world wide web. In collaboration with a handful of the other 
​​   ...more...
Sissy gets fashion tips from aspiring Fashion Designer Irina Burgos Fomenko LIVE this Friday night!

Aspiring fashion designer Irina Burgos Fomenko sits down with Sissy to talk about her current international aspiring fashion design career LIVE this Friday night 7:30pm EST on MNN Channel 56 TWC Manhattan and on
Sissy FINALLY walks the red carpet as she returns LIVE Friday night with guest, LTC CEO Todd Wharton

Local Talent Connect founder and CEO Todd Wharton stops by at The Sissy Gamache Show and shows Sissy the inner workings of global networking LIVE this Friday night 7:30pm EST on MNN Channel 56 TWC Manhattan and on

Aug. 11, 2014 - NEW YORK -- For the past 20 years Todd Wharton (A native New Yorker) has worked in a variety of positions in real estate and mortgage lending, along with both management & head-serving positions in numerous restaurants where he has brushed elbows with up and coming artists and burgeoning superstars alike. Throughout these years numerous friendships have been formed with his fellow employees who all happen to be aspiring artists. In the hospitality industry the people you work with tend to become more than just colleagues, but family. This is what made it so heartbreaking when he began to witness (what he calls) the “DOWNFALL OF PASSION” in them. Artists have an amazing drive when they do something they love and it truly is inspiring, but watching the passion slowly erode in their eyes has always bothered him. He saw them consistently getting lost or caught up in the game of struggling to get by: connecting with the right people, going to the right seminars, attending the right shows, floating resumes all over town, going to every casting call possible, demo gigs, practice, dress rehearsals, ...more...