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    ***Coming this Friday, May 9, 2014 - Fashion Designer IRINA BURGOS FOMENKO - LIVE! @ 7:30 PM - Tune in!***

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Sissy Gamache interviews the cast of Bonnie and Clyde.
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Some of our previous guests...

  Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca), Peter Greene, Austin Pendleton and Sergio Martinez

It's Sissy Gamache just dropping in. Catch her show Live every Friday at 7:30.

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Sissy does a bona fide interview with filmmaker Matthew Bonifacio LIVE this Friday night!

Sissy interviews filmmaker Matthew Bonifacio, director of the acclaimed film Lbs this Friday night LIVE on The Sissy Gamache Show 7:30pm EST on MNN Channel 56 TWC Manhattan and on our website

​​​​Mar. 13, 2014 - NEW YORK -- Mr. Bonifacio's feature film directorial debut, Lbs., was nominated for the John Cassavetes Award at the 2011 Film Independent Spirit Awards. He also co-wrote and produced Lbs., which premiered at the 2004 Sundance Film Festival and was nominated for the Alfred P. Sloan Award. Theatrically released in 2010 in seven cities, Lbs. had the #1 per-screen-average in the country its opening weekend. Lbs. received positive reviews by top critics from Variety, New York Times, New York Daily News, New York Magazine, New York Post, The Village Voice, TimeOut New York, Hollywood Reporter and many other critics. Lbs. is now available on DVD,     ...more...
Sissy chats with actor Gary Evans this Friday night LIVE on The Sissy Gamache Show

Sissy chats with actor Gary Evans this Friday night LIVE 7:30pm EST on MNN Channel 56 TWC Manhattan and on our website​​

Mar. 21, 2014 - NEW YORK -- Gary Evans has been a working actor for the past 30 years.

Feature film credits: Wes Anderson's "The Royal Tenenbaums" and Spike Lee's "She Hate Me."

Theater credits: The Grand Guignol (Off Broadway), multiple Off-Off Broadway and regional productions, including “Adult Entertainment” at the Moth Theater in Los Angeles and “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” for the What Exit Theater Company in New Jersey.

Television credits: Recurring roles on HBO’s “The Sopranos”, “All My Children” and “Guiding Light” with appearances on Law and Order, and Law and Order: SVU.

In the 1980s, Gary ran his own theater production company, Sweatshirt Stage and produced several of his own plays.

He currently is a well-known voice over artist. He was the Announcer for the   ...more...
Sissy gets herself into a hot mess with the ladies of HOT MESS this Friday night LIVE!

Sissy chats with the entire cast of the cult hit web series HOT MESS including Amy Kersten, Cheri Paige Fogleman, Julia Granacki, Miranda Childs, Molly Anne Coogan and Yasha Jackson, this Friday night LIVE on The Sissy Gamache Show, 7:30pm EST on MNN Channel 56 TWC Manhattan and on our website,​​

Apr. 8, 2014 - NEW YORK -- The seeds of Hot Mess were planted in 2005 when creator Amy Kersten, who is pretty accident-prone, got herself into a pickle involving a falling TV, her face, some stitches and… finally a settlement. So in 2009 she decided, after paying off all her maxed out credit cards, to use the fruits of that hot mess story to tell more Hot Mess stories! Amy somehow convinced the amazing Director of Photography, Ken Kotowski, to collaborate and film these embarrassing “screw up stories” to share with the world wide web. In collaboration with a handful of the other 
​​   ...more...
Sissy gets fashion tips from aspiring Fashion Designer Irina Burgos Fomenko LIVE this Friday night!

Aspiring fashion designer Irina Burgos Fomenko sits down with Sissy to talk about her current international aspiring fashion design career LIVE this Friday night 7:30pm EST on MNN Channel 56 TWC Manhattan and on

May 7, 2014 - NEW YORK -- Irina Burgos Fomenko (born, 29 November 1987) in Barranquilla, Colombia, known also by her professional name Irochka, she is a Colombian-Russian artist and fashion designer who has recently been based in Bogota, Colombia but currently she is residing in New York City where she is working as an intern in two fashion companies. She has participated in several events that have enriched her experience in the fashion world. Since 6 years old Irina knew her passion for clothes and by this time she discovered also her passion for art. She had worked as an art director, Stylist,model, and actress. Irina has lived in Colombia, Russia, London, LA and now in NY.

And Now Irina Burgos Fomenko will share her nearly lifelong passion for fashion with Sissy this Friday night LIVE on The Sissy Gamache Show 7:30pm EST on MNN (Manhattan Neighborhood Network) Channel 56 Time Warner Cable Manhattan and on our website